American First Aider (AFA USA)

American First Aider (American First Aid, USA)

American First Aider is one of the strongest, international networks of first aid, safety and training professionals, and one of the most trustworthy names in this line of business.

Founded in 1980, American First Aider has been servicing the first aid and safety needs of thousands of customers across the U.S. They not only deliver more than just quality products, but professional emergency services as well.

American First Aider services have helped thousands of companies select and maintain effective first aid and safety programs; saving both time and money.

They have a mobile fleet of vans and professionally trained service representatives, to deliver quality products and on-site services extended to safety conscious organizations.

A course in CPR and First Aid Learning will allow candidates to give well rounded emergency medical intervention. An emergency situation might require professionals of the American First Aider to know CPR, and also the nuances of First Aid.

If the victim is in need of both, it will be hard to help if one has no knowledge of performing one or the other. Therefore the American First Aider is strongly recommended to our students: they could take both courses so that they are prepared to be in control of the situation until emergency responders arrive.

This classroom coursework has been developed with concentration on action. Knowing your plan of action will allow you to execute effectively, and ultimately help someone in need.