Scaffolding Inspector Course in Coimbatore

Scaffolding requires regular inspections and maintenance. Scaffolding inspection is done by Scaffolding inspectors who are trained officers for industrial safety. Scaffolding inspectors does carefully examine Scaffolding to ensure safety of construction workers as well as passer by. A very careful inspection is required after Scaffolding is modified/ altered. Scaffolding involved working at heights and any […]

Fire Safety Course in Coimbatore

Alagi a leading chennai based academy offering fire safety course in chennai has also started offering fire safety course in Coimbatore. Fire safety course teaches how to prevent fire at work place. Our course helps employees to access fire risk at work place & minimize it. Fire & Explosion can drastically effect businesses. It can […]

Lead Auditor Course in Chennai

Lead Auditor helps in audit of management system of work health and safety. Aim of audit is to lower risk of health and safety hazards at work. Lead Auditor course helps you to understand and master Health and Safety management systems which is required by organizations to improve overall safety of work place. An audit […]

Fire and Safety Course in chennai

Alagi Education academy is one of the leading institute in Chennai offering fire and safety course in Chennai. A person having role in fire and safety in any industry should be able to access risk of fire and should minimize or eliminate risk of any of such incident. As a Fire & Safety officer you […]

Scaffolding Inspector Course in Chennai

Scaffolding is temporary structure to aid construction and repair of bridges, building and other structures etc. Scaffolds are used to reach at heights which are otherwise not possible. Scaffolds are essential for construction activity. An unsafe scaffold can result in collapse and can even cause serious injury or death of construction worker. So careful scaffolding […]