Alagi Education academy is one of the leading institute in Chennai offering fire and safety course in Chennai. A person having role in fire and safety in any industry should be able to access risk of fire and should minimize or eliminate risk of any of such incident. As a Fire & Safety officer you should take all the measures to prevent any fire incident at work place.

Fire Safety is one of the major key area in industries. As Fire can cause huge damage to Company’s raw material, company’s finished material, machinery and also cause risk of life. So Industries today are willing to pay high salaries to competent person who can take all the measures required for fire safety and can act swiftly to stop fire if any of such incident occurs at work place. Alagi offers Goverment fire and safety course in Chennai

If you are looking for safety engineering college in Chennai , Alagi should be your first choice, Our courses are approved by BSS India. This course covers all major parts of fire safety eg. Accidental prevention and risk management, Electrical System Safety, Construction Safety, Fire Fighting techniques, Fire Alarm Design etc. This course makes you job ready to work in any industry requiring fire safety. Practical training in various industrial units and job assistance is available with this course. Alagi is leading institute in chennai offering Fire and Safety Course in Chennai. To enquire more about Fire and Safety Course in Chennai call us @ 9566126622

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