Alagi a leading chennai based academy offering fire safety course in chennai has also started offering fire safety course in Coimbatore. Fire safety course teaches how to prevent fire at work place. Our course helps employees to access fire risk at work place & minimize it. Fire & Explosion can drastically effect businesses. It can cause damage worth millions. At worst it can take human life as well. So Fire safety is very important issue for any industry, and no industry can afford to ignore fire safety at work place.

There is huge demand for skilled person who can access fire risk at work place, minimize that risk to lowest level and control fire & minimize damage in case fire break out. Our course teaches you fire safety in almost all type of industries. Fire & Safety course by Alagi offers international recognition at affordable prices. Our Course can help you to get job in India as well as internationally. Alagi is best place to secure diploma in fire safety in Coimbatore.

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