Lead Auditor helps in audit of management system of work health and safety. Aim of audit is to lower risk of health and safety hazards at work. Lead Auditor course helps you to understand and master Health and Safety management systems which is required by organizations to improve overall safety of work place. An audit is aimed to find any deficiencies in health and and safety management system and improve it at earliest. Lead Auditor holds very important position in company as he/she is responsible for work place safety.

Both External & Internal audits are required . Our training enables our students to audit health and safety management system of organization by latest ISO Standards. Our course enables our students to prepare audit reports of international standards and well recognized any any part of world.

If you are looking for Iso auditor course in Chennai, Alagi should be your first choice. Our Lead Auditor Course in Chennai helps you to be job ready in India as well as Abroad. We offer qms lead auditor course in chennai academy as well as online. Lead Auditor is one of the high paying job in organization responsible for first , second and third party audits. To inquire more about Lead Auditor course in Chennai Call us @ 9566126622

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