Nebosh Exam Location



Students, you​ have a choice of choosing the exam venue from around the world!

Venue Not Listed?

If you find that a​n exam centre for NEBOSH is not listed for your region do not hesitate to contact us to make alternative arrangements.

NEBOSH Examination Fees Students who do not wish to sit ​ for their examinations at an Alagi Educational Academy Test Centre may ​have to pay an additional fee ​ depending on the venue ​ you opt for.​

Students of Alagi Educational Academy

As the​  Alagi Educational Academy students, ​ you can ​choose to ​ sit ​ for their NEBOSH examination​s from a variety of global locations.

​Are you doing a Diploma or Certificate level course?

We could suggest an exam venue closer to your location.​

Examination Venues for NEBOSH in Europe

​Aspirants living in Europe will be able to choose from several NEBOSH exam venues. ​Many countries in Europe have a minimum of one venue, although countries like UK, Spain and Italy have many NEBOSH exam venues for a flexible approach.​

Venues of NEBOSH Examination in the Middle East

​We operate in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Cyprus and many others ​ in the Middle East region.​

Refer to our course advisor from our Dubai offices that can assist you regarding exam procedure, available venues and ​ exam dates, etc.

Indian Venues for NEBOSH Exam

​We have a large number of venues in India from where you can sit for​  your NEBOSH

​exam. ​For eg. New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Australasia Venues for NEBOSH Exam

​If you are seeking for a NEBOSH exam venue in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand.

​,​Alagi Educational Academy can arrange for a NEBOSH exam venue in many more locations throughout ​ Australasia.

African Venues for NEBOSH Exam

​​We deserve a pat on the back for providing NEBOSH exam venues throughout Africa, which is indeed daunting!

We could refer quite a few exam venues across the African continent covering ​areas in North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and South Africa.

Take our help to hand hold you through the choices available, which can be worthwhile. Please note that costs vary from location to location.

Pakistan Venues for NEBOSH Exam

​Presently we have three primary NEBOSH exam venues at​  Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

South American NEBOSH Exam Venues

South America is a ​vast​ place ​ and we have​ set up at least four venues in each corner of the continent​.

​Your decision should consider the ​Exam venue fees ​which ​vary​ from place to place and the cost of travel should also be factored.

We suggest communicating with  Alagi Educational Academy course advisor to get the most out of our options.

NEBOSH Exam Venues in America & Canada

Venues for NEBOSH exam are made available throughout Central America, Caribbean, the majority of the USA and Canada. You’ll find venues spread from Mexico, Antigua and Barbuda, California, Texas, New York, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

Irrespective of wherever you are, either living in or place of working we have a venue for examination near you!

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