Scaffolding is temporary structure to aid construction and repair of bridges, building and other structures etc. Scaffolds are used to reach at heights which are otherwise not possible. Scaffolds are essential for construction activity. An unsafe scaffold can result in collapse and can even cause serious injury or death of construction worker. So careful scaffolding is must for construction. We at Alagi Education Academy offers Scaffolding Inspector Course in Chennai at reasonable prices.

Scaffolding Inspectors are in huge demand. They are required to maintain safe environment at workplace. No Business will risk life of its construction worker. A Scaffolding Inspector is trained to inspect Scaffold. He/She ensures that Scaffold is completely safe and their is no risk of its collapse. A Scaffolding Inspector also inspects that person working on Scaffold have necessary experience to work at heights. A Scaffolding Inspector inspects each and every joints which form Scaffold. He/She ensures that material used to build Scaffold meets all the industry standards. A Scaffolding Inspector should take corrective action as and when required. He may declare Scaffold as unsafe to employees and may recommend to create new Scaffold with safety guidelines.

A faulty Scaffold is one the major reason of work accidents. It is dangerous to employees and can result legal action to real estate developer. Keeping these things in mind their is always huge demand for Scaffolding Inspector.

We at Alagi Education Academy with association with Scaffold Training Institute, Texas, USA offers Scaffolding Inspector Course in Chennai. Our Training is of international standards with international Tie up. To inquire more about Scaffolding Inspector Course in Chennai Call us @ 9566126622

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